Virtual Reality Maintenance & Training


Swetha Solutions can help you develop an innovative way to train students, users and maintainers. Using Virtual Reality Maintenance and Training (VR) or 3D Virtual Reality in a wholly immersive and interactive environment is a proven way to enhance learning, mitigate risk and boost the value from training spend.


We create truly multi-sensory learning environments, thanks to the use of 3D, tracking, sound, virtual touch (haptics) and augmented reality (AR). All our users in many diverse sectors share a firm conviction that VR helps users communicate and assimilate information more easily through life-like experience.


With VR, we’ve been able to move from a PowerPoint presentation to a hands-on 3D model. We can even show it at 1:1 scale, to teach students how it works, process flow, maintenance of the equipment without having to climb to the top of a utility pole.


Key Benefits:


  • Improves communication
  • Real-time, interactive fly- through of virtual models enhances understanding
  • Re-use CAD design data
  • Enhances your brand and gives a competitive edge
  • Assembly and Disassembly in virtual environment
  • Facility to system checks, inspection, walkthrough and team exercise in a virtual environment
  • Eliminating risks to students and equipment by using Virtual Reality Maintenance and Training modules
  • Attract students and trainees to your innovative and creative organization

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