E-learning includes electronically supported learning and teaching. We provide support in implementing the learning process, developing Animations and e-content required to make the Teaching Learning Process interactive and interesting, with focus on targeted audience. The use of E-Learning is most likely to be utilized as a reference for out-of-classroom and in-classroom educational experiences via technology.


Swetha Solutions provides an unparalleled learning experience by quickly delivering highly targeted learning through an innovative solution that connects formal, informal and collaborative learning, when and where people want to learn. With this fully hosted platform you can ensure your employees have access to relevant learning content when they need it, anywhere in the world, in a variety of localized languages, on their desktops or on the go.

Today, many leading companies across the globe are using open source technologies to efficiently increase business growth, optimize system performance and reduce costs. Open source gives IT executives the opportunity to innovate and add value to their business without the problems faced with the traditional software products.
Universities and Training organizations around the globe are using open source Learning Management System (LMS) such as Moodle and Sakai CLE for training, manage, tracking and deliver learning content.


By using Sakai / Moodle - Faculty, students and staff benefit from the rich array of tools and features that are available with the Sakai CLE and Moodle. Because leading universities around the world developed these tools, you know that they meet real needs on campus.

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