Technical Documentation / IETM’s

Swetha Solution specializes in offering manufacturers and operators of complex equipment a high-quality, lower-cost alternative for management and delivery of their technical data.  With nearly 2 years of proven technical publications development experience, Swetha offers the expertise to address every aspect of your technical publications process, from authoring and delivery of simple manuals or service bulletins, to development of complex interactive electronic technical manuals and publications (IETMs/ IETPs). 

Technical Data is our core competency. Our unmatched level of technical expertise combined with experience assures customers that their product support data is accurate, up-to-date, and fully compliant with regulatory and customer requirements.

Swetha can support your technical authoring and illustration requirements with:


  • Authoring of numerous Technical Publications and Technical Manuals
  • Interactive Electronic Technical Manuals (IETMs or IETPs)
  • E-Learning and Training Support Materials
  • Industry and Publications Standards Expertise, including S1000D
  • A highly skilled, talent pool of technical authors, illustrators, data analysts and QA experts
  • Stringent Quality Assurance and data security procedures, supported by our ISO 9001 certified Quality Management Systems
  • Output in a number of standard formats and platforms
  • Document and Content Management Solutions
  • Engineering Data Conversion Services


Swetha’s Class IV IETM are data driven and can be reused multiple times within the same publication or across publications. It can be deployment in any medium, including CD-ROM or Web based delivery and adheres to standards such as S 1000D. Some of the advantaged include reduces printing and distribution costs, reduces down time, concurrency of manuals etc.  Safety, training, routine maintenance, operations all depend upon access to accurate and up to date technical documentation.


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